The River Cruise Line is small, friendly and traditional. Less inclusive than other river cruise lines so will appeal to the budget conscious. They still deliver great service with a high return of repeat clients. The River Cruise Line also offer regional connections by coach.

What makes The River Cruise Line Unique?

Lady Anne has a maximum capacity of 100 guests. Wido Arts, has been the owner and the captain of Lady Anne for over 12 years. It is so much more than a job to him (and his staff), his passion and friendliness earns him many repeat clients. The River Cruise Line keep costs down by not including drinks/excursions but offer many optional extras and excursion packages to suit everyone’s budgets. You may get the odd excursion included as part of their promotions/early booking incentives.

What's Included in The Price?

  • FREE return travel regional locations
  • Full Board (no drinks)
  • Entertainment
  • Early risers and mid-morning teas & coffees
  • Welcome drink
  • Captains get together
  • Cruise Commentary

Which Rivers Do The River Cruise Line Sail?

Thames, Seine Valley, Elbe/Baltic, Russia.

Meet The Fleet

mps Lady Anne - (small and friendly)
ms Serenity

They also offer an extended fleet:
African Queen - Thames
ms Renior - Paris Cabaret Cruise
ms France - Seine Valley
ms Princess - Elbe/Baltic
ms Z Shashkov (includes excursions) - Russia
ms Lenin (includes excursions) - Russia